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This Jesus Anointed With Oil sermon lesson examines the great drama in the life of the sinful woman who anointed Him, and the religious leader who didn't. 

Jesus Anointed With Oil

Harmony Of The Gospels Series 15, Lk 7:36-50

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At the family, Labor-day, picnic, little Johnny is playing with his red fire engine, making siren sounds, raising the ladder and making sure the hose is secure. An aunt, noticing his toy, asks, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Johnny, without a moment's hesitation, says, "I want to be a mechanic." I believe this question crosses all boundaries, into every family, race and country where a choice is available. It's a question that crosses even into the Spiritual world. I always knew what I wanted to be…baseball player, violinist, preacher, singer, private detective, store manager, soldier, business executive, civil service director, rich business owner. I always knew and it always changed, until I was willing to embrace my relationship with God and consider what He designed me for, my Spiritual life. Since I understood and accepted His will in my life (at age 37), my career aspirations haven't changed and my life Is more fulfilled than ever.

But, a career is just what we do. It isn't who we are. What we want to "be" goes far deeper than how we earn money. It goes to our very heart, who we are, what are our values, why we behave the way we behave, what kinds of people we want to be around and how we treat those around us. I would have matured much faster if I'd taken as much time deciding who I would be, as I did to decide how I would earn money. How 'bout you? Who will you be when you grow up? In Luke 7:36-50 (stop and read it now) we get 3 very different characters to study. Each of these characters is being promoted by some group as THE way a Spiritually mature person should be. Our purpose, today, is to choose one to grow toward…to "model" in our lives, so we can be who we should be when we grow up.

The Bible teaches us to grow up, but what does a Spiritual grown up look like? Let's find out!

1. Broken Sinner: Woman vs-37-38, "And there was a woman…a sinner… weeping, she began to wet His feet with her tears, and kept wiping them with the hair of her head, and kissing His feet and anointing them with the perfume."

Each of us must begin our Spiritual lives where this woman is…on our face before God. Her sorrow is obvious. Though she's described as a sinner, it's clear she wants something to change. The Scripture doesn't say whether she went there as part of a scheme to trap Jesus or just wanted to be near the Son of God. My vote goes for the latter. I believe, in the presence of God (the Son), she was overwhelmed with grief over her past sin and wanted His forgiveness and a chance to start fresh. She was shockingly humble, staying behind, not interrupting, but serving Jesus in the only appropriate way she could, by kissing and washing His feet with her hair. Are we willing to be this humble? Are we willing to make ourselves filthy in the outside chance that He might see us and remove our real filth? Paul said "our righteousness is like filthy rags", so what's a little camel dung in our hair? There isn't one Spiritually mature person who hasn't been where this woman is, sometimes several times.

Though this is a great place to start, it isn't where we should stop. Many believe being continually self-condemning is true Spiritual maturity, but the Bible says He's gonna complete the good work He started in us. Sorrow and repentance are great, but it's a "No Parking" zone. If we stop there, we block the very street the Holy Spirit uses to mature us. The Bible teaches that struggle and persecution are what builds and matures us. People can get addicted to "the forgiveness process", trying to spend their lives laying at Jesus' feet with no pressure or hurt. We can't stay there! We must 'Pick up our mat and walk.' We're all broken sinners but that isn't the focus of the "abundant life" Jesus offers. If you're like me, you'll stumble and return to this place often, but if we don't get up and walk, we can't mature. If being a broken sinner isn't being grown up, maybe we're supposed to be a religious leader.

2. Religious Leader: All our lives, we're taught in school, at home, on TV and radio…everywhere…that being a religious leader is noble, admirable, praiseworthy…a lofty ambition. Many people aspire to these positions for the nobility, praise and admiration of people. I need to make a distinction:

Religion=working so we can deserve a place with God.
Christianity=knowing we can never deserve to a place with God but accepting it as a gift from Jesus.

While most people just lump Christianity in with all the world's religions, it's really the opposite of religion. Often, religious people think Spiritual maturity is measured by how well you keep the rules. Of course, the religious leaders are always the ones with the yardstick, telling us who measures up and who doesn't.

Continued at Jesus Anointed With Oil-2

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