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The final page In the Bible study about the examples Jesus sets for evangelism and discipleship.

Jesus Begins His Ministry-3

Continued From Jesus Begins His Ministry-2

2. Lifestyle Discipleship:

Jn 1:43 "The next day Jesus…said to him, "Follow me." I believe, based on all the other references in the Gospels, this means more than 'come with me'. It invites us to a new lifestyle of following Jesus.

Showing-not-telling: We rarely see Jesus just telling the disciples what to do. 'You go do that…I won't, but it's good for you.' Jesus said of the religious leaders, do what they say, not what they do.

I never saw my father without a cigarette. I remember living in a cloud of smoke. We would lay on the living room floor as kids. From there, you could see the bottom of the cloud, which was level at about 3 feet off the floor. I remember Dad sitting at the dining room table, smoking a non-filtered cigarette, spitting out the little tobacco particles when they lodged themselves on his tongue or lips. He would lecture us about smoking, saying, "It's a nasty habit. Don't ever start!" We knew it was a nasty habit! Yet, there must have been something really good about it or he would have tried to quit. Four out of five kids started smoking. How different would it have been, even if he failed, if he had just tried to quit. If he had spent the last 10 years of his life trying everything to stop he would have proven he believed it was a nasty habit.

That's not what lifestyle discipleship is about. Paul said, "Follow me as I follow Christ." I say follow me as I follow Christ. I'm not perfect…neither was Paul. Follow me because I'm committed to following Christ. When I fail, I'll admit it, ask for forgiveness, put my head down and press even harder for the goal of Christ-likeness. Follow me in that!

Living-not-teaching: I Co 8:1-3: "Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. The man who thinks he knows something does not yet know as he ought to know. But the man who loves God is known by God." It's amazing how often discipleship is confused for teaching. Even some translations of the Bible use the word 'student' in the place of 'disciple'. They aren't the same!. A disciple was someone who followed their mentor (better word than teacher) for years, trying to emulate them. They went where they went, ate what they ate, slept where they slept and did what they did. Yes, there was teaching, too, but it was less valuable. The reason we have only a few teaching pages at way2hope is because we need more than that. Our teaching venues are this page, Kid's Corner, On The Way and Life Cycle. Everything else is set up for us to be in a small home group. We need to be in a small group, living as followers of Jesus together, because…

Discipleship is caught, not taught.

Many careers, today, require an internship or apprenticeship, before you are allowed to serve as an independent professional. It's because they know a student only learns about the subject. To actually learn the subject, you must do what you've studied. Jesus and Paul wanted people to follow them because in following, the disciple becomes the subject. Finally, after becoming a follower, we are able to serve in a meaningful way.

Serving-not-striving: Lifestyle discipleship demands that we be servants. Have you ever noticed how people strive for 'position' in religious organizations? Those not striving for their own position are scratching and biting to get close to the ones who have position. You can see them in many churches; people who have their chest out in pride over all the authority and admiration they command. Most are called Deacons, but there are other names, like Elder, Pastor, Minister, Director, Reverend, Bishop, Priest, Cardinal…you get the idea. You can recognize them because they're strutting around, taking positions at the head table, getting reserved parking and reserved seating, wearing their little badges or collars or robes to let everyone know just how special they are to God. I'm about to lose my cookies! The word 'deacon' in the original language, means servant. Jesus said the greatest leaders among us will be the greatest servants, even becoming as a slave. Jesus taught it and lived it by washing the disciples' feet and giving up His life for us.

So as Jesus began reaching His early followers, He showed us true evangelism is natural, need-centered and non-threatening, a matter of lifestyle rather than a project or goal. As they began to follow, Jesus shows us discipleship is a showing, living and serving lifestyle. I have to ask you, now that you've read this…RU1? His example makes it clear that following Jesus is a way of life, not a lifeless doctrine, project or goal.

Some of you may have read this and realized, after how ever many years in church, you aren't sure you have had a real relationship with God, just a set of doctrines or practices, projects or goals you dutifully accomplished. If that describes you, just ask God right now to reveal Himself in a real way in your life. Tell Him you won't settle for knowing about Him any more…you must know Him and you're willing to live in Him as he lives in you. Some may have been following some evangelism campaign or project, meeting some arbitrary goal and you just don't see much fruit. I understand; I used to organize them. Maybe the Lord is leading you to a new paradigm where He does the drawing, and all you need to do is love 'em when He brings 'em, and live as a follower of Jesus. He will honor this desire he has put in your heart. Maybe as we talked about committing to Jesus you were reminded by the Holy spirit that you never have, that your curiosity is becoming desire for God. Ask him into your life, and watch the changes begin. Stay plugged in with us, and follow us as we follow Christ.

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