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We conclude Jesus Walks On Water with a challenge for each of us to embrace the leadership quality He offers all of us. 

Jesus Walks On Water-2

Continued from Jesus Walks On Water

That's when Peter gets out of the boat and walks on water with their Master. One of their own, the stupid one, has just done the impossible. He got out of the boat! Jesus has been saying for a long time, in various ways, everywhere they went, to get out of the boat. In the parable of the sower He said those who hear the Word get out of the boat and produce a crop. In the "pearl" story He said people who value His kingdom get out of the boat, by being willing to sacrifice all to be part of it. He said to pick our leaders based on whether they get out of the boat. In His Sermon On The Mount, He said His people get out of the boat, by letting Him shine through. He said to get out of the boat at the well of sychar and let the living water flow through you. He told the lame man to get out of the boat, pick up his mat and walk. Now, finally, one of the disciples gets a clue and gets out of the boat.

This is key to understanding faith. Such a simple lesson, yet so difficult. The only way faith can be seen is in the actions of the faithful. James wrote, "Faith without action is useless." So many have trotted out answered prayers as "evidence" of their great faith. That's no evidence of faith. I'm sure the terrorists prayed for the WTC to fall, does that destruction mean they had greater faith than those who prayed for the people to be saved? This kind of thinking is very destructive, even to accusing people who are dying of having no faith, just when they need their faith the most. Faith isn't having a Santa-Clause God who will do anything you say.

Faith isn't measured by God doing what we ask.
Faith is measured by us doing what He asks. (see He 11)

Jesus said get out of the boat. Jesus told Peter he had little faith because he began thinking about the storm and doubted. How much faith did those who never got out of the boat have? Jesus is telling us to get out of the boat. Afraid of terrorists? Get out of the boat. Afraid to talk to your teenager? Get out of the boat. Talk to them anyway. Afraid of what people will think if you lead? Get out of the boat. Lead anyway. Have faith that people will follow. I'm getting out of the boat-Web-Church is taking the next step. Has God called you to do the impossible? Start! Get out of the boat! He won't leave you stranded. If He's given you the job, He'll give you the tools to get it done. If He hasn't, you'll find out sooner if you get out of the boat. Step out in faith. Refuse to be frozen in fear; of failure, of what people think, of opposition.

Think about this…Peter failed at walking on water. He began to sink. But Jesus was right there to pull him up. He'll be there for us, too. It wasn't being right that made Peter the one Jesus chose to carry on after Him. Peter was wrong much of the time, sometimes in very embarrassing ways. It wasn't his fearlessness. He denied Jesus at a crucial moment. It wasn't his careful, diplomatic use of words, he blurted out some of the most foolish things. What was it? Peter was willing to get out of the boat. Willing to speak. Willing to act. Are we willing? Will we do what He's called us to do? Will we speak when He prompts us? Are we willing to make mistakes, trying to follow Him? Let's not be frozen in fear, but in faith, act.

Dear Lord, thank you for Peter, and his example of willingness. Give us this same spontaneous willingness to be a fool for you, to act, to speak, and to trust you to lift us up if we begin to sink. Keep us from being frozen in fear, to trust in your love, to act. Thank you, Lord.

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