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Completion of Lost Sheep-Coin-Son Parable, where Jesus shows us what's truly important in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Parables Of The Lost Sheep, Coin, Son-2

Continued from Lost Sheep-Coin-Son Parable

2. Prodigal: The lost son sits in stark contrast to his older brother. Obviously, something had been up that made him judge his father in very harsh terms. He starts out quite rebellious, demanding his inheritance as if that's all his father meant to him. Then he proceeds to waste it all. But then, starvation and servanthood changed him. He remembered his father, how even the servants had it better than he was now living. The Bible says he "came to his senses". He decided to return. How long a journey that must have been, even emotionally. The lost son knew he was in no position to bargain. Compare that to the older brother who thought he could correct even his father. The lost son only judged himself. His older brother thought he could judge everyone. The lost son knew he didn't deserve anything. The older brother thought he deserved more than he had. The lost son is the example Jesus uses to represent the "sinners" he was eating with.

These were the very people the Pharisees were judging Him by. But these people is us. The Bible teaches that there are none who are good but God. Everyone has sinned and fallen short. This thing called Christianity isn't a birthright. You can't inherit it from your parents. It doesn't come to you because you're born in a certain country or a certain family. You can't get it for good behavior. Going to church won't give it to you. You can't slave or suffer or sacrifice enough to get it. There is no way you can donate enough money to earn it. It is a gift of God. The only way to get the gift is to realize you're the lost son. That's what our evangelism site is all about. It's designed to attract people who are ready to return to the Father. That's when the celebration starts.

3. Purpose: Jesus came to seek and to save those who are lost. That's why we have hope. Jesus said that finding one person who had been lost is better than having 99 who were never lost. Some think the purpose of the church is to influence elections. Many think the church exists to serve the Spiritual needs and desires of Christians. Often, it's used as a "moral" framework through which to condemn the world. It's frequently used as a debate society where we argue about the controversial issues of interpretation. Too many people use it as a way to make contacts for business or political purposes. All 3 of Jesus' stories agree on this point: The mission is to find lost sheep. If we're not finding lost sheep we're not a church, no matter how Spiritual we think we are. The purpose of a follower of Jesus is to follow Jesus. We can't follow Jesus without seeking lost sheep. Did you know is designed to attract over 90% of its new people from people outside of the existing church? We don't want Pharisees, we want lost sheep. We're not going to reach them with more laws, more judgment, more whacked spiritual experiences, more argument or more business. The only way to reach lost sheep is with love.

This is what I love about our Worldwide Prayer Team. These guys understand this love thing. You see, when the younger son was still far off, the father dropped what he was doing and ran to him, hugged him and threw a party for him. The father knew how hard the journey back was, and wanted the son to know he was home. That's the role the Prayer Team plays at Web-Church. When they see someone way down the road, struggling to make the last part of the journey home, the Prayer Team comes running, hugs their neck and loves them with the love of Jesus. This is the most important part of Web-Church. It always will be! It's why we're here…our purpose. One day, people will get their first reply, not from Glen, but from people all over the World who consider themselves called to serve God at Web-church. They've made this their mission, their way of following Jesus, their church. They will work and study and pray to get better and better at loving and nurturing lost sheep, because that's what Jesus did for them.

Dear Jesus, Help us become more and more like you. Help us avoid the religious people and spend our time eating with the lost sheep. Help us never become Pharisees, thinking we're all that. Help us to always know whatever we have came from you. Let us live for our purpose, to find lost sheep. Thank you for finding us.

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