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We continue the story of the Parable of the Sower to learn more secrets of how we are involved in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

The Parable Of The Sower And Other Parables

Continued from Parable Of The Sower And Others

On the Spiritual level, though, for whatever reason, God has given each of us a choice to be wheat or weeds. Two well known Christian leaders (Jerry Fallwell and Pat Robertson) publicly stated we deserved the WTC attack because of our tolerance for 'sinners' (weeds) in the U.S. As a not-so-well-known Christian leader, I say, "Bull!" God's law is in place to bring us to dependence upon God, not government, for our righteousness. The Apostle John wrote to Christians of his time, and ours, 'If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves.' Jesus told us to work on our own sin, not someone else's. Jerry, Pat, be careful! We reap what we sow. God gives each person a choice between Him or the devil. How do we control those in our countries, even in our churches who choose the wrong side? The secret for controlling weeds in our lives is…ignore them. He said not to pull them up. We could damage a perfectly good wheat stalk if we go attacking weeds. Jesus says a Spiritual "Roundup" is coming, to kill the root and all. So, what does this "weed secret" tell us about the kingdom of heaven?

Heaven isn't just "another time and another place", it's here and now. It just takes eyes of faith to see it.

3. The Parable of the Mustard Seed and the Parable of the Yeast-Growth Secret:  vs 31-35 2,000 years ago, Jesus said the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing. People must have thought He was whacked. The historians of His time make little mention of Him. Looking back from here, we can see the impact He has made, but, then, he wasn't even a blip on their radar. Jesus was trying to tell them they have their eyes on the wrong things. The two stories about the growth of His kingdom have the same 'invisible' elements in them. First, the tiniest (most insignificant) seed becomes the largest plant. Then, a tiny amount of yeast invisibly grows and spreads until it permeates the whole loaf. The kingdom of heaven, though seeming insignificant at first, will dominate everything. We have the privilege, these days, of being able to see some of its forceful advancement, even in the face of incredible evil; people united who weren't before, new alliances among nations who had been enemies, the resolve to replace rogue nations with peaceful ones, millions seeking God due to the uncertain times. Many can't see heaven in all this. They see a horrible loss, and, to us, it is…but not to God. To God, not one of His children was lost at the WTC. When we get a clue about how He confounds even these works of the devil and turns them for good, we just fall on our faces before Him. The Bible tells us when heaven will be fully grown. It says every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. That's the secret of growth, that the kingdom of heaven begins as insignificant on Earth, but grows invisibly to dominate all existence. This happens as each of us sees the value of heaven, and acquires it.

4. The Pearl of Great Price and the Hidden Treasure Parable-Value Secret:  vs 44-45 These stories teach us of the value of heaven. It's clear by the narrative that the kingdom of heaven is far more valuable than anything these people have. The Bible gives us glimpses of the value of this kingdom. God gives us more than we can even "ask or imagine". He gives us the "mind of Christ". The "fullness of God" lives in us. We are seated in heaven "with Christ". These things are all described in the "here and now" for followers of Jesus, not when we "get to heaven". The stories revealed the treasure was so valuable they were willing to give all they had for it. The Bible says Jesus stripped Himself of His Godness and chose to die a criminal's death for the "prize set before Him." The prize He gave His all for…is us. How valuable is this treasure to you? I'm convinced we don't have a clue of the value of what He's given us. Eternal life isn't some future thing, it's life, now, in the eternal, infinite God. "In Him we live and move and have our being." I get a glimpse every now and then of the reality I should be living in; that what we can see and touch and taste and smell is the illusion and what is unseen, the kingdom of heaven, that's what's real.

A stable boy was once called before the king. In great fear, he obeyed and fell before the throne, feeling completely unworthy. The king told him to get up and sit beside him. Fearfully, the boy obeyed. The king asked him how much money he had. The boy admitted only having a penny. After taking the boy on a tour of his kingdom, the king brought the court recorder in to record a proclamation. In it, the king gave his entire kingdom to the boy in exchange for the penny. The king signed the proclamation with his blood.

We're the stable boys. Jesus, the King, gave His blood to offer us His entire kingdom. All it costs us is everything we have, which is less than a penny. If we know that heaven is here and now, that it's been advancing invisibly from the beginning and that it's far more valuable than anything we've ever heard of or imagined, then we have heard the gospel of the kingdom of heaven and we will produce 30, 60 and 100 times what was sown.

God, Open our eyes to your Sprit, so we may see your kingdom advancing and all you have for us in your present kingdom. Help us live in that kingdom so the king of this world will have no power over us. Don't let us be fooled by our eyes into believing this world has any power over us. Help us see everything, even ourselves, through your eyes.

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