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We conclude The Prophecy Of The Last Days with a challenge to be about His business when He returns. 

Prophecy Of The Last Days-2

Continued from Prophecy Of The Last Days

2. Present: The fact is, based on the clues Jesus gave, His return never looked nearer than it does today. He said we would see Wars, Earthquakes and Famines…and that's just today's news. He said they would be increasing, like birth pains…and they are. The 20th Century, with all our marvels of technology and civilization, was the bloodiest century in history. Some estimate that each year, about 1 million people were killed in famine, war and violent revolution. So far, the 21st Century ain't lookin' too good either. The fact is, we can't look at the events of today and keep from wondering how this all works with the prophecies about the return of Christ. I'm sure books are being printed right now to link all this with the fact that He's coming next year, or whenever. Well, I'm gonna beat them all to the street and tell you exactly when Jesus will return. Are you ready? Jesus said He will return immediately after All the things listed in Mt 24. You'll know when it's about to happen because the Sun and the moon will be dark, the stars will disappear and His sign will be painted in the sky. You can't miss it!

What strikes me as strange, is how many who claim to believe in Jesus consider the end of the age as a bad thing. One man told me once, "I want my children to have a full life before the end comes." You want what? A good friend of mine, Linda, is being tested to see if she has cancer. She's 30 years old. When we talked about it the other night, her wisdom and faith amazed me. She said, "I'm excited because God's in charge. However it works out, if the doctor says it was nothing or if the doctor says I have 6 months to live, it doesn't matter. The God who loves me will do what's good for me." People who truly believe in Jesus understand He is the life, not this world. We're so worried about how things will work out that we're not out working.

3. Future: We spend so much time worrying about the future we waste the present. You've probably met them…they're everywhere…you know…the ones who endlessly debate end time theology. They're the guys who wouldn't miss a seminar. Oh, an author's coming to town? I can't miss that! How much of today will we spend speculating on the future we can't know? Many want to speculate on the hour and day the end will come, but, as far as we can tell, it happens for each of us by the end of our lifetime. We can never know what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future. That gives us peace and focus. About ¼ of Jesus' end time teaching is devoted to what happens when; the remaining ¾ is devoted to telling us to be ready. Jesus taught about the end times for one reason…so we'd be ready.

The warning is clear, He expects us to be about His business when He returns. Are we doing what He called us to do? Are we called to endless worry or argument over just what will happen when? Is there some other work He has called you to do? Have you asked? We may not have a minute to waste. We can be pretty confident we have today, but tomorrow's not guaranteed. What if He comes tomorrow, and finds us worrying rather than working, debating rather than developing? Are we ready? Are we about our father's business? There's only one "what-if" we need to concern ourselves with. What if He comes and our whole world disappears? Will He find us ready to live with Him in the new world, where there's no pain or sickness or death or tears?

Dear Lord! If there is anyone here wondering if they would be ready for you to come, help them to accept you in their lives right now, and to begin to follow your will. Help them be ready. Lord, help us all leave the worry, the speculation, the debate behind. Let us live in the faith that you are in control. No matter what happens, we're in you.

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