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We continue The Childhood of Jesus, learning much about our own lives. These 3 episodes show us that even problems further God's plan. 

The Childhood Of Jesus-2

Continued from The Childhood Of Jesus-1

B. The Visit was to Worship and Give to Jesus: vs 11 "…they…worshiped Him…presented Him with gifts."

Can you imagine being the parents of a child that strangers walked for over a year from a strange country to worship? 'Oh, look Joe, they're giving presents to our little boy…is that gold?' That would be cool, huh? Having people bow down to your kid. There's always more than meets the eye!

C. The visit brought the threat from Herod: vs 3 "When King Herod heard this he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him." Actually, Herod was disturbed his whole life, very disturbed. His whole family was disturbed. They slaughtered each other and anyone else who appeared to threaten their power. They intermarried, bargained with the Romans, whatever they thought would hold power and satisfy their twisted desires. Can you imagine how the visit with the Magi went?

Magi: We're here to worship the King of the Jews and give him gifts.

Herod: I'm the King of the Jews.

Magi: No, not you…the baby!

Herod: What baby? A'hem, let me know when you find Him so I can "worship" Him, too.

Vs 13 "…Herod is going to search for the child to kill him." This is a serious problem!!! While Mary and Joseph were basking in the honor their child brought, the same event brought both.

Sometimes great things bring great danger.

2. Vacating to Egypt:

A. The Problem of Moving: vs 14 "…he got up, took the child and His mother and left…" It seems like they just left in the middle of the night. Can you imagine what that must have felt like? Packing quietly, sneaking out of town. It's a long walk to Egypt. I'd guess when they stopped in a town for food or shelter, people would ask where they came from and who they were. Soldiers everywhere! They would probably have to lie to keep from being found out. We don't know how long they stayed in Egypt, it was probably a number of years. Though much of the World spoke Greek as a second language, their primary language, accent, dress and customs would be very different from Egyptians. Keeping a job and doing business with the native Egyptians would be a constant struggle. Bummer, huh? This, I'm sure, was a serious problem for their family. Second only to the problem they would have had if they stayed in Bethlehem.

B. The Bigger Problem: vs 16 "Herod…gave orders to kill all the boys…two years old and under…" If they had stayed, Jesus would be dead. Ever complained to God about something only to find out it saved you from something worse? Two years ago, we were in the process of buying 5 acres to build a house on. In our area, that would cost over $100k. We found the perfect land…great view, all utilities, no trees or wetlands to mitigate. The owner agreed with us over the phone on price and terms. All we had to do is walk the property and document our agreement, which was scheduled for Sunday afternoon. On Saturday, not wanting to leave the Lord out of a major move like this, we asked God if it wasn't His will to have the deal fall through. Sunday morning, the owner called and said he decided not to sell the property. We were heartbroken. I was mad at God.

After all, I had taken many friends to see "our" land, I had drawn a floor plan of the house, I had decided I could make a little pond on the property. A few months later, after I had calmed down a little, I told the Lord how disappointed I was and asked Him why. The answer hit my mind at the same moment…"I have something better in mind!" He seemed to be saying. Two years later, I've had a chance to see some of the better things He had in mind. If I had bought the land: 1) we wouldn't have had the money to go to Germany and bring my brother back, so his family could be around while he died. 2) I couldn't have spent a year with no pay, investigating churches and denominations for Biblical foundations. 3) I couldn't have left my prior church staff when I discovered their walk and their talk didn't match. 4) We couldn't have afforded to answer God's call to start an Internet Church and support it until it supports us.

I'm sure some land is in our future, but I'm loving God's better idea.

Completed at The Childhood Of Jesus-3

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