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Understand Sermon On The Mount-C2 continues our examination of the priorities Jesus has set for us. 

Understand The Sermon On The Mount-C2

Continued from Understand Sermon On The Mount-C1

Because serving God was so important to me, success in this career was not an option in my mind. Here's the deal! To get licensed, accepted in Bible colleges, accepted on ministry staffs, ordained and given increased ministry responsibility all depends on your ability to gain and maintain widespread approval of man (other ministers, denomination credential committees, church boards and church members)…not God. People in authority over me kept putting me in positions where I had to decide whether to do God's will or theirs. I wish I could say I always came out on the right side of that deal. So many times I played the 'loyal soldier' and obeyed without question, orders I knew were wrong. Some in ministry authority would use their position and handy quotes from the Bible to manipulate sincere followers of Christ into followers of them, instead. If that's been done to you, I want you to know they were wrong, not you. At it's best, it's called spiritual abuse; at worst, it's called a cult. Fortunately, by the time it started looking like that I remembered Who I served. That's why E-Home Fellowship/way2hope is non-denominational and independent. I never want any of us to have to decide between the authority of people and that of God.

Here's the only question that counts for you: When given the choice between the approval of man or that of God, where is your priority? You see, Jesus wasn't teaching on giving, fasting and prayer as much as he was teaching about priority in all areas of devotion to God. Here are some things I've caught myself doing that might help you to diagnose your own priorities:

Changing how I talked to people when someone I wanted to impress entered the scene.

While I was praying out loud, thinking about how other people would regard my prayer.

Singing worship songs more carefully and louder when the music pastor was near.

Considering how the church might evaluate my relationship with God based on how much money I gave (sadly, they make those evaluations in some churches).

Worrying about what people would think if I took a couple evenings off each week for my family.

The question for us isn't how we should give, pray or fast; it's whether pleasing people or God is our priority.

God wants to be our priority over other people and over money.

Treasures In Heaven:

2. God-vs-Money: Vs 19-24 There may be no single issue that better defines in a visible way the priority we place on God, than the issue of money. This is also an easy place for me to go wrong in how I teach about it. In the Life-Cycle course, we spend one whole week on God's Biblical financial plan. It's all about how God wants to bless us, not what we owe him. In spite of what may have been taught in the past, this passage is not about storing up treasures in heaven by putting our money in the offering plate. Instead, Jesus is continuing His teaching on priority. Ever wondered why Jesus added a couple sentences about eyes (vs 22-23) in the middle of a money discussion? What are our eyes set on…God (light) or money (darkness)? By the way, if you ever hear a preacher equate the offering plate with the heavenly treasures in this passage, just know it's because of where his eyes are set. Jesus said we can't serve money. He didn't say we can't have it.

How do people serve money?

Spending most of our waking hours pursuing it, instead of loving, Godly relationships.

Measuring our relationships in financial terms.

Using money as a way to 'keep score' in life.

Enslaving ourselves with unreasonable debt.

Buying things to impress people.

Ways to serve God instead of money:

Keep a tight control on our spending.

Godly priorities ( x $ to needy, x $ to our Fellowship, x $ to other ministries, x $ to bless people).

Save for things we want.

Spend most of our waking hours with people we love, serving the God we love.

God wants to be first in our lives; first over other people, first over money, first over cares and worries.

Concluded at Understand Sermon On The Mount-C3

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