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 We conclude The Parable Of The Ten Talents Bible study about using your Spiritual gifts and fruit to glorify God. We interpret this famous parable of Jesus and apply it to the life of a Christian disciple.

Continued from  The Ten Talents Parable-Using Spiritual Gifts

There will be more about this in "reproduction" but let me ask you, if you can, please give me any verses quoting Jesus condemning "sinners". I think you'll find only words of forgiveness, compassion and healing. The ones He condemned were the religious leaders, especially the ones who put obstacles in the way of those trying to find God. If we are His ambassadors, to be "like Him" in the World, let us truly be like Him in His love for those who need His healing. As I Jn 4 makes clear, love is the measure of our likeness to God. Maybe that's why there is no gift of condemnation, gift of judgment or gift of criticism. When we treat people God loves like this, we are not being His ambassadors. Instead, we are ambassadors of those He condemned, the religious leaders, who would not even eat with someone who didn't follow their theology.

Ro 2:4 "God's kindness leads you toward repentance."
Mt 5:16 "In the same way, let your _____ shine before men, that they may see your ____ deeds and ______ your Father in heaven."
This is why we've been given fruit and gifts by God, to serve, grow in, and glorify Him among His followers and among those who are not yet His followers.

2. How do we keep and strengthen Spiritual gifts and fruit?:

Since I was called to be a full-time servant of God, I've been in many fellowships of followers of Jesus. I noticed one thing common in all of them; there is always a large percentage of people who complain they are not "being fed" by those who are leading. They remind me of baby birds in the nest, screaming at their mother for the next piece of worm. Since you're at this point in the study, you know the person responsible for the feeding isn't the "leader", but you and I. In fact, after a short time to learn how to be a follower of Jesus, no one is responsible for the feeding of these people except themselves. Then, how do we get fed? I'm glad you asked. Read Mt 25:14-30, replace the word "talent" with "gift" and answer the following questions:

a. What did the first two servants do with their gifts that pleased the master?
b. What happened with their gifts when they put them to work?
c. Was there risk involved? If you said "no" why was the third servant afraid?
d. What did the master do to the two servants who risked his gifts and put them to work?
e. Why would the master be angry with a servant who only received and protected his gift?
f. What happened to the gift the third servant saved?
g. Based on this story, what do you feel will happen to the gifts you put to work for God?
H. What do you feel will happen to the gifts you don't put to work?
I. Do you feel Jesus will return and demand an accounting of the gifts He's given us?
J. How could you make sure He says "Well done, good and faithful servant"?

3. Commitment to use the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit:

Please write yes or no next to each of the following commitments:
a. I will work to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in my life and regularly check my progress on keeping in step with the Spirit.
b. I will eagerly desire all the gifts of the Spirit, accepting and using the gifts He gives me.
c. I will continually work to discover the ministry gifts God has given me, and use them to bless and build up others.
d. I will put all the gifts and talents God has given me to work, seeking to some day hear His words, "Well done, good and faithful servant."


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