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Why was Peter's visit to Cornelius Controversial? What if an angel of God told you to violate a Christian pracitce?  You'll wrestle with these and other hard questions in the Acts 10 Bible study. The inductive style questions are great for personal devotion or group study.

Acts Chapter 10

For more information on the early church, see recent books on the Book Of Acts.

Why Was Peter's Visit To Cornelius Controversial?

Read vs 1-23:

1.  Why do you think it would be unusual for a Gentile to be a devout believer in God at that time?

2.  How would you react if, during your regular prayers, an angel appeared?  Do you have regular prayers other than at church and meals?

3.  Why do you feel Cornelius called the angel Lord?

4.  Notice how specific the instructions were to Cornelius.  Have you heard of anyone getting specific instructions from God, recently? 

5.  How do the visions of Cornelius and Peter compare with other visions you've read about in the Bible?  Were they all specific?  What does that tell you about how God speaks to people?

6.  Do you feel that verse 4 is saying that prayers and giving will bring about visions from God or was God just saying He knew Cornelius was devoted to God?  Explain.

7.  Why do you think Peter said "no" to God (vs 14)?

8.  What if you got a vision from God telling you to violate your religion...the very things you practice to show devotion to God?  How would you feel about it if He told you to stop going to church, for instance?  Would you tell God, no?  Be honest!  

Cornelius Hosted Peter In Caesarea

1.  How would you feel if someone bowed down to you or fell at your feet?  Have you ever seen Christian leaders accept other forms of worship, like being treated better than others, receiving personal gifts, etc?

2.  Why would it be against the Jewish law at that time to associate, eat with, or visit the house of a Gentile?  Can you think of any place in the Bible where God instructs Israel to do this?

3.  Have you seen Christians behave this way with non-Christians?  Can you think of anywhere the Bible tells us to do that?

4.  How do you think Cornelius's friends and relatives reacted to hearing him say God told him to send for this stranger?

5.  How do you feel your non-Christian friends and relatives would react if you told them God had spoken to you?  How about your Christian friends?

6.  Would you feel God had truly spoken to them if one of your Christian friends said God told them to violate a Christian practice, like going to church?

7.  Do you feel vs 44-46 suggests that everyone who receives the Holy Spirit speaks in tongues?  Explain.

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