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Bible studies in Acts Chapter 8 cover In Samaria, Simon The Sorcerer, and Philip And The Ethiopian Eunuch.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion. 

Acts Chapter 8

For more information on the early church, see recent books on the Book Of Acts.

The Apostles In Samaria, vs 1-3:

1.  Who is this Saul, and why do you think he was worth mentioning?

2.  How do you feel this persecution fulfills prophecy?  (see Acts 1)

3.  Has there ever been a time when you felt persecuted for your faith?

4.  Do you feel these Christians deserved their treatment?

5.  Considering the prophecy from Jesus in Acts 1, will this persecution end up serving God or His enemies?

6.  When bad things happen to you, do you wonder what you did wrong?  Why? Why not?

7.  When you're persecuted, do you look for how God can be served or feel sorry for yourself? 

Simon The Sorcerer, vs 4-25:

1. Why do you feel we hear so little about people healed of demons, and illnesses? Do you think it would capture the attention it did then?

2. What "power" was behind Simon's sorcery?

3. What happened to Simon's followers as they believed about Jesus?

4. What happened to Simon in vs 13?

5. Is it possible to believe, be baptized and not have the Holy Spirit?

6. Do you feel Simon's request to buy the Spirit was a natural one, given who he was before he met these people?

7. Some say Simon hadn't truly received Jesus or he would never have asked to buy the Holy Spirit…what do you think?

8. Do you feel Simon's prayer indicates repentance? Why/why not?

Understanding Philip And The Ethiopian Eunuch, vs 26-40:

1.  What do you think meeting an angel would be like?

2.  If the Eunuch had gone to Jerusalem to worship, what religion do you think he was?

3.  How do you think he happened to be reading this passage in Isaiah when Philip arrived?

4.  Have you ever had "coincidences" like this involving other people?

5.  How do you feel suddenly arriving in another town affected Philip?

6.  How did he react?

7.  What do you thing was the Holy Spirit's plan for teaching the Eunuch more about Christian life?

8.  Can the Holy Spirit provide Christian teaching for every Christian?

9.  Do you need someone other than the Holy Spirit to teach you?

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