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Bible studies in Acts Chapter 25 cover Paul's trial before Festus the consultation with King Agrippa. The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion. 

Acts Chapter 25

For more information on the early church, see recent books on the Book Of Acts.

The Trial Before Festus, Acts 25:1-12:

1.  As we just learned, Paul has been in prison over 2 years, what do you feel motivated the Jews to continue pursuing the matter so long?  After all...wasn't Paul of no harm to them while in prison?

2.  What do you feel would justify a religion of peace to sanction murder?

3.  When you consider the Jewish religion killing those of different faiths, can you think of any modern-day equivalents?

4.  Name the times in history when people used Christianity as a reason to kill people of different beliefs.

5.  Do you feel it would be justified for Christians and Jews to try to kill all those following Islam (in self defense)?  Why/Why not?

6.  If none of the charges against Paul could be proven, why do you feel the Jews didn't just drop the issue?  Wouldn't he have been released, making him available for them to murder?

7.  Who's purpose do you feel it served to have Paul stay in prison?  Why?

8.  How would your attitude compare with Paul's, after being in prison with no trial for over 2 years?

Festus, Paul and King Agrippa, Acts 25:13-27:

1.  What do you feel Festus was keeping from King Agrippa in his explanation of the case?

2.  Do you feel Festus had hidden motives in seeking King Agrippa's advice?  What were they?

3.  Compare this story and your relationship with your God revealing any of your hidden motives?  What Is God telling you He wants you to do about it?

4.  Since he seems to have no personal interest in Paul's legal situation, how do you feel it serves Governor Fesus to pursue this matter, rather than dismiss it?

5.  Since Paul has broken no laws, why do you feel the Roman Government would involve itself in such a minor religious dispute?

Don't stop at the obvious answers to these questions.  There seems to be more going on than meets the eye, here.  We can learn a lot about how God uses human personal and political motives to further His will.

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