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Acts Chapter 19 covers many miracles and interesting events, from the seven sons of Sceva to the riot in Ephesus. The study questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion. 

Acts Chapter 19

For more information on the early church, see recent books on the Book Of Acts.

Seven Sons Of Sceva, Acts 19:1-22:

1.  What do you think prompted Paul to ask the disciples (vs 2) if they had received the Holy Spirit?

2.  What differences are there between John's baptism and being baptized in the name of Jesus?

3.  Do you feel everyone who is baptized in the name of Jesus will speak in tongues and prophesy?  Why/why not?

4.  What is "the Way?

5.  How long was Paul in Ephesus?

6.  Who does the Bible say did the miracles attributed to Paul's ministry?  How does this account of miracles square with our modern idea that someone "has a gift" and must be present or lay hands on those being healed?

7.  Why do you feel the seven sons of Sceva were unable to drive out demons?

8.  Is their use of the name of Jesus evidence that they believed in His power?

9.  If a day's wages today is $ 100 and a drachma is worth a day's wages, what is the current value of the sorcery scrolls (vs 19)? 

Riot In Ephesus, Acts 19:23-41:

1.  What do you feel was the motivation of Demetrius in opposing Paul?

2.  Demetrius couched his opposition to Paul in religious terms "led astray" (vs 26).  Can you think of any modern profitable organizations who use religious terms to oppose new ways to spread the Gospel?  What do you feel their motives are?

3.  Is it possible for a real God to be robbed of Divine majesty by a human?

4.  How much of the economy of Ephesus do you feel was based on this Artemis worship?

5.  Look at vs 32.  Can you think of any modern examples where most people in a crowd don't know why they are there? Have you been one of those people...just trying to see what all the commotion is about?  Consider this story when you see crowds gathered in news reports.

6.  Does the idea of Artemis' image falling from heaven feel a little bit like the story of the Locke Ness Monster?

7.  It seems clear that the city clerk, who believed in Artemis, was used by God to calm the riot.  Can you think of modern examples of "non-believers" being used to benefit God's kingdom?

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