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Acts Chapter 15 records the First Jerusalem Council and how they handled the Christian battle between religion and faith over the issue of circumcision. The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion. 

Acts Chapter 15

For more information on the early church, see recent books on the Book Of Acts.

The First Council Of Jerusalem-Acts 15:1-21:

1.  Why do you feel some people would think you need to be circumcised to be saved?

2.  Do you think the people who taught this were Christians?  Why?/Why not?

3.  How is it possible for someone to be a Christian Pharisee?

4.  Do you think it's required for a Christian to follow the Law of Moses to be saved?  How about the Sabbath and Tithing?

5.  What do you feel Peter meant when he said we would "test God" if we told new believers they had to obey the Law?

6.  What does it mean to have your heart purified by faith?

7.  James said that they had been making it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God by forcing them to obey the Jewish Law...can you think of ways the modern church makes it difficult to turn to God?

8.  Why do you feel James expected the Gentiles to obey the four things in verse 20?

The Jerusalem Council's Letter To Gentile Believers-Acts 15:22-41:

1.  Why do you feel James wasn't specific in his letter and say the Gentiles need not be circumcised or follow the Jewish Law?

2.  What do you think James meant by saying "it seemed good to the Holy Spirit"?  Didn't he know?

3.  With that wording followed by, "You will do well to avoid these things." is James (the leader of the Christian Church) making an absolute law or a recommendation?

4.  What do you think was encouraging about the letter?

6.  Paul and Barnabas had an argument that caused them to part company.  Does the Bible say either of them was right?

7.  Some say Barnabas was wrong because he was never mentioned again in the Bible.  Does it say either of them was wrong?

8.  Some say this is a Biblical lesson that we Christians should never disagree...does the Bible say that? 

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