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Acts Chapter 12 contains great miracles and great examples of how little we had to do with them. How prayers are answered despite our lack of belief and how God regards those who take credit for His work are just 2 examples. The inductive style questions are great for personal or small group Bible study. 

Acts Chapter 12

For more information on the early church, see recent books on the Book Of Acts.

Acts 12 vs 1-19 Peter's Imprisonment:

1.  Why do you feel Herod wanted to persecute members of the Church?

2.  If killing James pleased Herod's constituency, why wouldn't he kill Peter as soon as he was arrested?

3.  What difference do you think it made that the church was earnestly praying for Peter...can we change God's mind with prayer?

4.  Were these earnestly praying people earnestly believing God would free Peter?

5.  If Peter wasn't dreaming, how was the angel able to sneak him past 16 guards assigned to guard the one prisoner?

6.  If God can send an angel to miraculously release Peter's chains, open locked gates and sneak past 16 guards, what do you feel He can do about your problems?

7.  What did the earnestly praying people believe about Peter when they were told he was at the door?

8.  How does this account compare with what you understood about faith and answered prayer?

9.  Why do you feel Herod executed the guards?

Acts 12 vs 20-25 Death of Herod:

1.  Was this the same Herod who had all the Jewish boys under 2 killed during Jesus' childhood or the same Herod who had John-the-Baptist beheaded?

2.  Since Tyre, Sidon and Israel were all part of the Roman empire, do you think they would be allowed to war among themselves?

3.  If they couldn't war, how much trouble could a quarrel be between the governments...could Herod cut off their food?

4.  Why do you think the people of Tyre and Sidon would call Herod a god?

5.  Were there other societies that considered their royalty gods at that time?

6.  If the rulers of Egypt, Rome and other cultures were considered a god without punishment from The God, why do you feel Herod, the King of Israel would be different?

7.  If Herod was killed for not crediting the true God, what does that say about us taking credit for God's work in our lives?

8.  Since you were saved, have you ever prided yourself on your giving, good works, godliness, or accomplishments?  Be honest!

9.  Considering how God reacted to Herod, how do you think He might feel about people who say God answers prayer based on the giving, or good works of a person?

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