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Why was Peter criticized by the Christians? How does that relate to Christian life today? What were the roles of Saul and Barnabas in Antioch? Are you a little Jesus? these are some of the pointed questions you'll explore in Acts Chapter 11. The inductive style questions are great for personal devotion or group study.

Acts Chapter 11

For more information on the early church, see recent books on the Book Of Acts.

Peter Criticized For Preaching To Gentiles vs 1-18:

1.  What did Peter do that brought criticism from the Apostles and other Christians in Jerusalem?

2.  Was Peter being disobedient to the church leaders in Jerusalem by going to Caesarea?

2.  Why would entering the house or eating with a Gentile be bad?

3.  Do you feel it was right for Jerusalem Christians to criticize Peter?

4.  What are some groups of people Christians are expected to avoid, currently?  Why?

5.  Is it right for us to avoid certain people?

6.  Read Acts 1:8 and Matthew 28:18-20 and answer question 5 again.

7.  How did the Jerusalem Christians react once they heard the Holy Spirit came upon the Gentiles in Caesarea?

8.  How would you and the Christians you hang with react if you heard, for instance, Osama Bin Laden had received Jesus and was now a Christian?

Barnabas And Saul In Antioch vs 19-30:

1.  How did Christians end up going to Antioch?

2.  Since they hadn't heard of Peter's experience, were the Christians in Antioch disobeying the Jerusalem Church leaders by sharing the Gospel with Greeks?

3.  What evidence of the grace of God do you feel Barnabas saw in Antioch?

4.  How well do you think the term "Little Christ" (Christian) describes us, today?  How about you...does your life reflect Jesus so much that people would call you little Jesus? 

5.  Why do you think Saul was not called Paul by now?

6.  At this point, what was Saul's role in the Church?

7.  From the time of Saul's conversion, can you think of any time the Bible says Paul was not actively preaching and teaching about Jesus? 

8.  How does this compare to teachings you've heard about the time between Saul's conversion and Paul's first missionary journey?

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