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Bible studies in Acts Chapter 14 cover Paul and Barnabas in Iconium, Lystra, and Derbe. Interesting events include Paul being stoned and raised back to life. The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion. 

Acts Chapter 14

For more information on the early church, see recent books on the Book Of Acts.

Paul and Barnabas In Iconium, Acts 14:1-7

1.  Do you feel speaking effectively causes people to believe, or is this just the writer's opinion?

2.  If Paul and Barnabas spoke effectively in the Jewish Synagogue, how could the unbelieving Jews poison the Gentiles minds against the brothers?

3.  What do you feel it was about being rejected that caused Paul and Barnabas to spend considerable time speaking boldly?

4.  Can you think of any examples in your life, where opposition spurred you on to greater effort?

5.  How did God confirm the message Paul and Barnabas were preaching?

6.  How do you feel God confirms the message of current preachers?  Have you witnessed this?

7.  Verse 4 has a familiar ring to it.  Can you think of a major issue where people are not divided?

8.  Do you feel, based on this Scripture, that it's possible to be right even if large numbers of people disagree?  Apply that to current issues.

9.  What do you feel prompted the Jews to conspire against the Apostles? 

Paul Stoned and Raised In Lystra, Acts 14:8-28

1.  Why do you feel it was significant to say the man was lame from birth in vs 1?

2.  How do you think Paul knew the man had faith?

3.  What could have made the people want to worship Paul and Barnabas, rather then just write the miracle off as some parlor trick?

4.  What worthless things do you feel Paul was referring to in vs 15?

5.  How do you feel the crowd could be so easily changed from worshiping Paul to stoning him?

6.  The Jews who convinced the crowd were from places Paul had been.  Are there people who are actively and purposefully working against the Gospel today?  Give examples.

7.  If these people truly believed the miracle was done by God through Paul, do you feel they could have had their minds changed?

8.  After Paul got up and returned to Lystra, do you feel there would be anyone left who was neutral about the gospel?  Do you feel there are genuinely neutral people today, why (why not)?

9.  Seeing all the opposition they faced on their missionary journey, what do you feel caused them to consider the journey a success? 

10.  Since we're all on a missionary journey of our own, can we stop focusing on the opposition and start looking for what God is doing through us?

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