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Bible studies in Acts Chapter 7 cover Stephen's Speech to the Sanhedrin and Stephen Stoned by the Sanhedrin. The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion. 

Acts Chapter 7

For more information on the early church, see recent books on the Book Of Acts.

Stephen's Speech to the Sanhedrin vs 1-50:

1. Why do you feel Stephen called the religious leaders "brothers & fathers"?

2. How believable would that vision be if It also said you'd have children after you were 100?

3. How much faith would it take to continue to believe in God even after your family sold you into slavery?

4. How can slavery, prison and famine serve the purpose of a God who is loving?

5. From the time Moses knew his calling to the time he actually began, how much time elapsed?

6. If you were being forced to kill your children, why wouldn't you be interested in being led to freedom?

7. How old was Moses when he began to lead Israel?

8. Why would Moses risk his life, family and freedom to return to Egypt?

9. Who is Moses referring to in vs 37 by saying "a prophet like me"?

10. What does Stephen mean by saying, "he received living words to pass on to us"?

11. With all the miracles and having God visibly guiding them daily, what would cause Israel to reject Moses' leadership and want to return to Egypt? Can you think of any modern examples of the same thing? Can you think of any in your own life?

12. Why would people reject God who was obviously present and worship, instead, a piece of carved wood or molded metal?

13. Do you feel this behavior had more to do with how they felt about God or about themselves? Explain your answer with examples.

Stephen Stoned by the Sanhedrin, vs 51-60

1. Do you feel this tone of speech was meant to help the audience accept Jesus?

2. Have you seen people recently use a similar tone to "reach the lost"?

3. Who do you feel Stephen meant by the Righteous One?

4. Who was Stephen saying he saw standing at the right hand of God?

5. Why do you feel they reacted to Stephen's last statement like this?

6. Who is the young man, Saul, and why was it important that his agreement be recorded here?

7. Go back to Acts 1:8. How do you feel persecution works to promote God's will? Give present day examples.

8. What do you feel motivated Saul?

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