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Bible studies in Acts Chapter 6 cover Choosing The seven servants and Stephen Seized. The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion. 

Acts Chapter 6

For more information on the early church, see recent books on the Book Of Acts.

Choosing The Seven Servants, vs 1-7:

1. Vs 1 is the first recorded episode of discord in the early church. It revolved around cultural differences and around distribution of free food. How do you feel the church handles cultural and financial issues today? Give examples.

2. Many "ministers" today use vs 2 to separate themselves from the physical work of ministry…should they? Why or why not?

3. Why do you feel it was important for "waiting on tables" to be full of the Holy Spirit?

4. What is the significance of "laying" on of hands.

Stephen Seized,  vs 8-15:

1. Based on vs 5 and 8, what were Stephen's qualifications for ministry?

2. How does Stephen's relationship with the Jews compare with that of Jesus? What are the similarities/differences?

3. What do you feel was the position and authority of the "Sanhedrin"? Is this the same group that Had Jesus killed?

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