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Bible studies in Acts Chapter 2 cover The Story of Pentecost, Peter's Pentecost Address and Fellowship of Believers. The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion. 

Acts Chapter 2

For more information on the early church, see recent books on the Book Of Acts.

Story Of Pentecost, vs 1-13:

1. From chapter one, can you figure out what the maximum number of people might be in this house? How big do you think the houses were, then?

2. Can you think of any times in Biblical history that God appeared as a violent wind? As fire?

3. How do you feel God fills us with the Holy Spirit, today?

4. What do you think the phrase "speak in other tongues" meant? What does it mean today?

5. Look at verses 6-8…does this change what you feel "tongues" means?

6. Why do you feel some heard messages about God and others thought they were drunk?

Peter's Pentecost Address, vs 14-41:

1. Compare Peter's quotation to Joel 2:28-32.

a. If Peter was right, were these "the last days"?

b. Is anything listed in this quote that hasn't happened, yet?

c. How does the word "prophesy" (v17) relate to vs 1-13? Does this change your answer about tongues?

2. How do you get "saved"?

3. If Peter were exaggerating the miracles Jesus did, how do you feel this crowd would have reacted?

4. Why wouldn't the people just mob Peter and have him arrested, since, by saying a crucified criminal was the Messiah, Peter was dishonoring God?

5. How many people do you feel had seen Jesus since His crucifixion by this time?

6. How do we get reconciled to God?

7. Who do you feel the Holy Spirit is promised to? Are you included?

Fellowship Of The Believers vs 42-47:

1. What were the early believers "devoted" to?

2. Based on the expenditure of time what do you feel your church is devoted to?

3. Where did the early believers meet and eat?

4. Compare your church's budget priorities with the early believers (vs 45), what has changed?

5. Compare your church's mutual worship experience with the early church (vs 46-47), what has changed?

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