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Bible studies in Romans Chapter 1 cover Paul-To The Romans and The Wrath Of God.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Romans Chapter 1

Paul-To The Romans, Chapter 1:1-17:

1.  Paul had not yet visited Rome and met the Christians he's writing to.  Who do you feel led these people to Christ?  What is it that gives you that there Biblical evidence?

2.  Why do you think Paul is so specific about who Jesus is if he's writing to Christians?

3.  What is the evidence Paul cites for Jesus to be the Son of God?

4.  What do you feel Paul means by using the term "saints"?  How does it differ from the meaning of saint, today?

5.  In verse 12, Paul seems to be placing himself, though an Apostle, as an equal to the Roman believers.  How does this compare to the behavior of Christian leaders, today?  How does it compare to your esteem for Christian leaders, today?

6.  What do you feel Paul means by the term Gentiles?

7.  In verse 16, what does Paul say is required for someone to receive salvation?  List some other things people have told you are "required" to be saved?

8.  Why do you feel Paul said, "first for the Jew, then for the Gentile"?

9.  What do you feel is meant by the phrase, "The righteous will live by faith"?  Is Paul expanding the meaning in any way?   

The Wrath Of God, Romans Chapter 1:18-32:

1.  How do you feel God's eternal power and divine nature are understood from creation?

2.  What does this say about people who have never been told about God or Jesus?

3.  What does it say about people who have heard, but deny His existence?

4.  Paul is referring to idolatry, but, can you think of any modern applications for the same teaching?

5.  Paul seems to be saying homosexuality is the result of some form of idolatry.  How does this compare with what we're being told in our modern culture?

6.  These words, written by Paul, are in the Bible.  Do you feel the Bible is the perfect word of God, or just some ancient people's opinions?  Explain!

7.  In the list of wicked and evil behavior, does Paul refer to any of these "sins" as being more evil than the others?

8.  Does this mean that gossip is as sinful as homosexuality or murder...equally deserving death?  Explain!

9.  Have you ever approved of someone gossiping?  Do you feel listening to gossip is a form of approval?  Explain!

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