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The Book of Romans Outline is a great starting point for our chapter-by-chapter, inductive style Bible studies. After you've read through Romans once, read through again, considering the outline points...then you're ready to begin your inductive study.

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Outline To The Book Of Romans
 (The Gospel According To Paul):

Prologue (Romans 1:1-17)

    I.  The Principles Of The Gospel (Romans 1:1 through 8:39)

        A.  The Question Of Sin (1:18 through3:20)

        B.  The Question Of Salvation (3:21 through 5:21)

        C.  The Question Of Sanctification (6:1 through 8:30)

    II.  The Problems Of The Gospel (Romans 9 through 11)

        A.  God's Past Dealings With Israel (9)

        B.  God's Present Dealings With Israel (10)

        C.  God's Promised Dealings With Israel (11)

    III.  The Practice Of The Gospel (Romans 12:1 through 16:24)

        A.  The Laws Of Christian Life (12:1 through 13:7)

            1.  The Believer's Spiritual Life (12:1 through 13)

            2.  The Believer's Social Life (12:14 through 21)

            3.  The Believer's Secular Life (13: 1 through 7)

        B.  The Laws Of Christian Love (13:8 through 16:24)

            1.  Love's Moral Conscience (13:8 through 14)

            2.  Love's Merciful Conduct (14:1 through 15:3)

            3.  Love's Mature Convictions (15:4 through 13)

            4.  Love's Missionary Concern (15:14 through 33)

            5.  Love's Many Contacts (16:1 through 16)

            6.  Love's Mighty Conquests (16:17 through 20)

            7.  Love's Marvelous Companionships (16:21 through 24)

Epilogue (Romans 16:23-27)

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