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Bible studies in Romans Chapter  2 cover The Judgment Of God and The Laws Of Jewish Religion.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Romans Chapter 2

The Judgment Of God, Romans Chapter 2:1-16:

1.  Do you feel Paul is writing to Christians, here?  Why/why not?

2.  Whenever you see a "therefore", it's good to see what it's there for.  Review verses 29-32 of chapter 1 and see if you can figure out what "therefore" refers to.

3.  Could Paul be suggesting we have no right to judge others on any of these things if we do or approve any of these things?  Why/why not?

4.  What do you feel Paul is saying, leads to repentance?

5.  How do you feel our judgment of others could affect their repentance?

6.  How do you feel your judgment compares to the righteous judgment of God Paul refers to?

7.  Compare verses 7-11 with chapter 1, verse 16.  What do you feel is required for salvation? 

8.  Is obedience a prerequisite to salvation or a product of it?  Look at 1:5.

9.  What does verse 2:14-15 tell you about innocent children or remote peoples who have never heard of Jesus?

The Laws Of Jewish Religion, Romans Chapter 2:17-29:

1. Why do you feel Paul speaks so strongly against his own people, Israel?

2.  Recall Paul's history from the first few chapters of Acts.  Discuss some things you've done wrong.  Have they made you more or less tolerant of these things in others?

3.  Can you think of times you were trying to teach someone else and God told you, "That's good ought to listen to that."?

4.  Paul quotes, about Israel, "God's name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you."  It's easy for us to look back 2,000 years and say how bad those Jews were, but what about us?  Can you think of things we Christians do that may cause non-Christians to curse Jesus?

5.  Is there anything you have done as a Christian that didn't reflect well on Christ?

6.  How do verses 28-29 apply to Christians, you? 

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