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Bible studies in Romans Chapter  14 cover Law Of Liberty and Law Of Love.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Romans Chapter 14

Law Of Liberty, Romans Chapter 14:1-12:

1.  In your opinion, how should we treat Christians with weak faith?

2.  For a Christian, what matters do you feel Paul regards as indisputable?

3.  How does Paul say we are to treat Christians who disagree with us on disputable matters?

4.  Paul describes a liberty in Christian life denied by many Christians, even today.  Paul uses dietary rules and the Sabbath as examples where faithful Christians can differ in their walk with God, yet remain brothers obedient to Christ.  What are some examples you see as disputable in today's Christian practices?

5.  Can you think of ways Christians today judge and look down on other Christians of different practices?

6.  Describe some ways in which you have looked down on other Christians for their practices?  I'll get you started by sharing one of my own.  When I was a church pastor, I used to judge people who claimed to be Christian but didn't attend a church.

Law Of Love, Romans Chapter 14:13-23:

1.  In the first half of the chapter, Paul described a liberty we have in Christ that many still fail to recognize.  Why do you feel Paul is telling us to restrict that liberty in verse 13?

2.  Give some examples of how verse 14 defines sin. 

3.  How would you apply Paul's idea that sin is in the eye of the beholder to specific situations in your fellowship with other Christians?  In your relationship with God?  Drinking alcohol?  Tithing? Church attendance?  Attire?  Cussing?  Dancing? 

4.  Having sin be relative leaves much responsibility for sound judgment with each Christian.  Will this make us more or less dependent on an active relationship with God?  Explain!

5.  Apply Paul's Law of Love, to not do anything that makes a Christian brother stumble and question God, to the following example:

Your Christian brother believes drinking an alcoholic beverage is a believe it is no sin, and can cite Biblical references proving your position, answer each question and then explain your answer:
a.  Would you try to prove that your brother was wrong by showing him the Scriptures on the matter?
b.  Would you dismiss his concern as the actions of someone with weak faith?"
c.  Would you use real wine in communion?
d.  Would you drink a beer in front of him at a fellowship dinner?
e.  Would you continue to drink in your own home when this brother is not around?

6. What do you feel Paul means by verse 23?  Apply it to issues in your own life. 

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