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Bible studies in Romans Chapter  9 cover God's Choice and Israel's Unbelief.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Romans Chapter 9

God's Choice, Romans Chapter 9:1-18:

1.  Why do you feel Paul found it necessary to start this section with the statement, "I'm not lying?"

2.  What is behind Paul referring to his own race, Israel, as "they?"

3.  How do you feel Paul's discussion of the descendents of Abraham applies to Christians?

4.  When Paul refers to "election", what do you feel he means?

5.  How do you feel verse 12 could encourage Christians?

6.  Do verses 16-18 suggest God is arbitrary or capricious? Why/why not?

Israel's Unbelief, Romans Chapter 9:19-33:

1.  Paul continues his discussion of God's choice in all this.  Instead of looking at these verses narrowly as applying to the issue of election or predestination, try applying the actual context of the chapter to it.  Based on the beginning verses in chapter 9, to whom does all this talk of creating things for destruction apply?

2.  Is there any way that God could have revealed the riches of His mercy and glory, exercised His sovereign choice in all this, and still leave each of us responsible for his own decisions (free will) regarding God?  Explain!

2. In other words...Explain how man's free will and God's predestination could work together.

3.  What do you feel Paul means by verses 30-32?

4.  What do you think would be the fate of someone who pursued Christianity by works?

5.  What are some examples you've heard of "Christian" teachings on works, rather than faith?

6.  Can you think of any Christian "works" you believe must be done?

7.  How do you feel you can reconcile this Scripture and the one in James that faith without works is dead?   

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