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Bible studies in Romans Chapter 15 cover Bearing With The Weak and Paul's Ministry Plans.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Romans Chapter 15

Bearing With The Weak, Romans Chapter 15:1-13:

1.  What do you feel Paul means to bear with the failings of the weak? 

2.  What ways do you feel your Christian fellowship could do better at this?

3.  What are some examples of how you could do this?

4.  How would pleasing our neighbor build him up?

5.  What are some things you can do to please your neighbor instead of pleasing yourself?

6.  Based on what you've learned in Romans so far, do you feel verse 5 means a unity where everyone agrees or where everyone accepts disagreement?  Explain your answer!

7.  How do you feel Christ became a servant of the Jews?

Paul's Ministry Plans, Romans Chapter 15:14-33:

1.  We have no evidence Paul or any of the Apostles knew any of the Romans he was writing to.  How do you feel Paul had confidence in their complete knowledge?

2.  What do you feel was Paul's mission in Christ?

3.  Why do you feel Paul cited the signs and miracles as a credential to the Roman Christians?

4.  Who's foundation do you feel Paul would be building upon by coming to Rome?  Why?

5.  Can you think of anywhere the Bible says Paul went to Spain?  Does this mean Paul may have had a missionary journey not mentioned in the Bible?  Explain!

6. Why would Christians in Macedonia owe support to Christians in Jerusalem?

7.  How does Paul's explanation of this apply to donations you make to support Christian ministers?

8.  How can praying for someone be joining them in their struggle?

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