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Bible studies in Romans Chapter  11 cover The Remnant Of Israel and God's Kindness and Israel's Future.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Romans Chapter 11

The Remnant Of Israel, Romans Chapter 11:1-19:

1.  By now, you know the history, how Israel rejected Jesus, so, do you feel Paul is writing about people of the Jewish faith, when he refers to a "remnant?"

2.  What do you feel Paul means in saying this remnant is chosen by grace?

3.  What do you think it means to be hardened by God?

4.  Can you think of times in Jesus' life when He confronted "hardened" people?

5.  If people were hardened by God, do you feel they are responsible for their actions?  Why/why not?

6.  How do you think Israel's transgression brought salvation to the Gentiles?

7.  What does the olive root represent in Paul's example?

8.  Have you ever known someone who "boasted" about their salvation?  Have you boasted?

God's Kindness and Israel's Future, Romans Chapter 11:20-36:

1.  Why do you feel Paul is telling boastful Christians to be afraid?

2.  Paul is talking about God's kindness to we who were "grafted" into His family.  What do you feel he means by saying, "if you continue in His kindness?"

3.  If we were to live in His kindness, how would we feel about those who have not yet been grafted in?  How would we feel about the branches who have been "broken" off?

4.  Considering how often Paul is warning against Christian boasting, arrogance and conceit, do you feel God is trying to tell us something?  What are some examples you've seen of this kind of behavior by Christians, or by Christians "leaders?"

5.  According to Paul, Israel's branches  were "broken off" because of unbelief, claiming to have earned the gift of God by their behavior.  How is Christian boasting similar?  How is it different?

6.  By saying, "God's gifts and His call are irrevocable," who is Paul writing about?  What does Paul mean with the words gifts and call?

7.  If, as some claim, God's gifts and call are irrevocable to Christians, how would you reconcile this with Jesus' parable of the talents?

8.  List the differences and similarities between Christians and Jews in Romans chapter 11.

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