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Bible studies in Romans Chapter  6 cover Alive In Christ, Slaves To Righteousness and the Doctrine Of Salvation.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Romans Chapter 6

Alive In Christ, Romans Chapter 6:1-14:

1.  What do you feel it means to be baptized into His death?

2.  How do these Scriptures relate to what you've been taught about baptism?

3.  What do you feel Paul means by our "old self' being "crucified" with Christ?

4.  Describe "dead to sin" "alive to God."

5.  What do you feel can you become an instrument of righteousness is?

6.  How does verse 14 reveal the source of our ability to live free of sin?

Slaves To Righteousness, Romans Chapter 6:15-22:

1.  Since we are not under law, does that mean we're free to live in lawlessness?  Explain!

2.  Describe what the phrase "slave to sin" means to you.

3. Describe what the phrase "slave to righteousness" means to you.

4.  Paul refers to things we offered our bodies to, we are now ashamed of.  What are some things you did in the past that now you are ashamed of?

5.  What benefits did you think you would receive by doing those things?

6.  What benefits did you receive?

7.  Try to list the benefits you have and will reap from being a slave to righteousness. 

Doctrine Of Salvation, Romans Chapter 6:23:

1.  What are wages and what do you have to do to get them?

2.  What is sin?

3.  What is death?

4.  What is a gift and what do you have to do to get it?

5.  What is eternal life?

6.  Who makes it possible for us to receive the gift of eternal life?

7.  Is there any reason you wouldn't want to accept the gift of eternal life right now?

In this one verse, Paul sums up the entire doctrine of salvation and powerfully concludes the first 6 chapters of Romans.  The above questions about this verse are a simple way to share Jesus if someone shows interest in knowing about your faith.  Remember 3 things about sharing Jesus: Your motivation and life should reflect His love for them.  If the Holy Spirit is in it, you won't need to convince them of anything.  If they are not ready, you have not done anything wrong.  Some plant, some water, but god gives the increase.

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