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Bible studies in Romans Chapter  10 reveals that Faith Comes By Hearing and relates that to our lives.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Romans Chapter 10

Faith Comes by Hearing, Romans Chapter 10:

1.  What do you feel Paul means by saying Israel sought to establish their own righteousness?

2.  Can you think of some modern day examples of people trying to establish their own righteousness?

3.  How do you feel Christ established righteousness for all who believe?

4.  Verse 11, Paul says we will never be put to shame if we trust in Jesus.  How do you feel trying to perform righteous acts, like circumcision or Sabbath observance could express distrust in Jesus?

5.  Is vs 13 saying it's possible for someone who asks for the Lord's healing (but not professing Christianity) can be expressing saving faith?  Why/why not?

6.  What are some things you hear modern Christians saying and doing that might interfere with others hearing the word of Christ?

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