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Bible studies in Romans Chapter  7 cover The Law Of Sin And Death and Who Will Rescue Me.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Romans Chapter 7

The Law Of Sin And Death, Romans Chapter 7:1-13:

1. What do you feel Paul meant when he said the Law is only over us while we live?

2.  How is it that we "died to the Law?"

3.  What does Paul mean by "sinful nature?"

4.  Give some examples of how a law can arouse sinful passions.

5.  Do you feel Paul is saying we are no longer bound by the Law?  Why/why not?

6.  How does this section of Scripture compare with what you've been told about Christians obeying the Law (10 commandments, etc)?

7.  Do you feel Paul is saying the Law brought about sin?  Why/why not?

8.  In your own words, say what you feel Paul believes is the purpose of the law.

Who Will Rescue Me, Romans Chapter 7:14-25:

1.  Compare vs 14-15 with I John 1:8 and Acts 15:5-19. 
    a.  What do you feel Paul, John, James and Peter believed concerning Christians and sin?
    b.  How is this different from what you've been told about Christian behavior?
    c.  What do you feel Paul, John, James and Peter believed concerning salvation?

2.  Was Paul admitting he couldn't avoid sinning?  Why/why not?

3.  How does this compare with what you've heard about the Apostles?

4.  Name as many Biblical leaders as you can that the Bible says did not sin.

5.  If your list has more than one name on it, please share with us your Scripture reference.

6.  How is it that sin can still live in someone who belongs to Jesus?

7.  Explain the difference between the inner being and the members of the body?

8.  Describe some situations in which your inner being and your body are at war.

9.  In your own words, state who it is that saves us from this body of death and explain how He has done it.

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