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Bible studies in Romans Chapter  5 cover While We Were Sinners and Adam 1 and Adam 2.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Romans Chapter 5

While We Were Sinners, Romans Chapter 5:1-11:

1.  What do you think "therefore" is there for?

2.  How do verses 1-2 refute the popular image of a judgmental God, just waiting for us to slip up so He can slap us down?  Do you have peace with God?

3.  Much has been preached about verses 3-5.  How do you see your sufferings and troubles? 

4.  How do you feel verses 6-8 reveal how much God values us? 

5.  What attitudes do you still hold that prevent you from accepting how important you are to God and how much He loves you? Spend some time praying about this one! 

6. To try to get a handle on the depth of His love for you, consider this:  You have a neighbor who is your enemy...they do things that hurt you, disrespect you, say bad things about you, etc.  How much would you have to love this neighbor for you to sacrifice one of your children to get the neighbor's friendship?  That's how much God loves each of us. 

Adam 1 and Adam 2, Romans Chapter 5:12-21:

1.  What do you feel "therefore" is there for?

2.  Paul says sin entered the world through one man (Adam), how does this compare to versions of the Garden of Eden story you've heard?

3.  Who do you feel has been blamed for death by people you've heard?  How does this compare with how Paul says death entered the world?

4.  Paul says Adam (who was the first to sin) was the pattern of the one to come.  To whom do you feel Paul was referring?  Why?

5.  How many acts of righteousness do you feel it takes to overcome 10 sins...1,000...10,000,000,000...all the sins of all of mankind?

6.  Here are some brain twisters that this chapter does a good job of answering:

    a.  Why do people die?

    b.  Why is there so much suffering in the world?

    c.  If Adam's sin created the situation that allowed Jesus to save us, wasn't he serving God by sinning?

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