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The Bible study in Romans Chapter  13 covers Paul's rules for Christian Civil Behavior.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Romans Chapter 13

Civil Behavior Of Christians, Romans Chapter 13:

This is my least favorite chapter because it reminds me of my bad attitude toward government.

1.  Do you feel Paul is speaking of all governments then and now?  Why/why not?

2.  In terms of the governments where you live, what do you feel it means to submit?

3.  How do you feel verse 2 relates to revolution against an unjust government? 

4.  If rebellion against an unjust government is O.K. why do you feel Paul was telling the Roman Christians to submit to their government?

5.  When China attacked their citizens in Tiananmen Square, was the government bringing punishment on wrongdoers? Explain!

6.  Why should you pay taxes?

7.  Compare your financial debt with Paul's instructions concerning debt.

8.  Try to find a commandment that is not included in "love your neighbor as yourself."

9.  What do you feel is "the armor of light" Paul refers to?

10.  Explain what you feel Paul means to "clothe yourself." 

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