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Bible studies in Romans Chapter  12 cover Living Sacrifices and Living Love.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Romans Chapter 12

Living Sacrifices, Romans Chapter 12:1-8:

1.  What is "therefore" there for?

2.  According to Paul, why should we present our bodies as living sacrifices?

3.  What do you feel it means to do this?

4.  When Paul says, "renewing of your mind," what do you feel Paul means?

5.  Why do you feel renewing your mind is necessary before you can know God's will?

6.  In verse 3, Paul tells us how to think of ourselves.  What role does faith play in how you should think of yourself?

7.  Think of Paul's analogy of the body.  What are some examples you've seen of one part of the "body" not doing it's part?  What are some examples of one part doing the job of another part?  Have you ever seen one part try to say how another part should function? What is your part?  Are you doing it?

8.  Verses 6-8 have been described as "ministry gifts".  Why do you feel these gifts would be less desired and preached about than the other Spiritual gifts (see I Cor 12)?

9.  How do you feel each of these gifts serves and builds the "body"?  

Living Love, Romans Chapter 12:9-21:

1.  What do you feel it means to honor one another above yourselves?

2.  What are some examples you've seen of Christians practicing hospitality?  What are some ways you did it?

3.  What are some examples you've seen of people following verse 15?  What are some examples of Christians doing the opposite?  Which do you find yourself doing most often?

4.  How do you feel you could do what is right in the eyes of everyone?

5.  Take verses 17-19 and blend them into one sentence in your words, with no contradictions.

6.  What are some ways you see evil being overcome with good in the world, in your church or home group, in your family, in your actions?  

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